Gari Gabrinao

International Diamond at 4Life Philippines

I was exposed to selling at the age of six when my teacher asked me to sell the nutriban to my classmates. My biggest influence was our mother who sold from fish to Tupperware to beautifont to help our father in raising us three little children. I sold stationery papers to my classmates in high school to have extra money.

In college I sold bags and book marks and then went more professional by selling memorial park lots and memorial plans. Sharing is my passion which I think is my primary motivator, money comes secondary.

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I find joy when I share good things to other people which is why I am very effective in convincing people to my way of thinking, like for example making them like Superstar Nora Aunor even when we don't earn anything from doing that. I sold real estate, time shares, life and non-life insurance, education plans, pension plans, credit cards, Avon, cars, computers, websites, until I suffered from "stroke" in 1998 where My brother and I were introduced to the mlm business by my ex-girlfriend. 

We became very well known in that company when we hit the manager rank in record time. When binary arrived in Manila, that ex girlfriend again invited me to another mlm company and we transferred to almost 8 companies until I got burned out and I decided to start my own business. 

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But due to lack of business education and experience it went bankrupt in just 6 months. I almost jumped off the super ferry in 2001 because of desperation. But my faith has given enlightened my mind. One night I read a book that said: when you're down and out and you want to be rich, go enter the network marketing business. And I told myself: "I know that business very well, I should just look for a company with a high payout."

The following day I went back to Manila to look for a mlm to join. 10 years passed transferring from one company to another, I even experienced being insulted by an mlm leader telling me that I've been in this business for a long time but how come I still have no car of my own. And then I discovered the beauty of 4life research thru the persistent invitation of a former cotton candy vendor. I pawned my laptop so I can buy the product and for mobilization.

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I worked really hard, day and night, and it literally and entirely changed my world, how people look at me and how I look at myself and the world. I feel so blessed to be with 4life Research, the local management team, as well as the staff, give us great customer service every time. Right now I'm very close to living the life of my dreams and I'm inviting you to join my team Supreme where we value people, principles, and God over material things. 

Gari Gabrinao

"My goal is to put the Philippines on the map by creating more Platinums here than any other country in the world. And to bring back the glory to God by being the best me that I can be and by bringing out the best in other people."

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